What’s Best – Removing Tissue From the Womb or Unwanted Children Starving to Death?

The religiously brain-washed and die-hard leaders who uphold legal guidelines against contraceptives and abortion are actually killing us all. That’s why I asked the question to initiate a few commonplace experience into the minds controlled through deaf ears. Removing tissue from the womb before a toddler is advanced is a common feel method to ward off the approaching catastrophe created with the aid of dwindling resources, overpopulation, and global-war three.

Ignorance and power manage the World Order and religion sits because the evil basis of it. My reincarnation and memory of passing from life to life proves how wrong the ideas of faith sincerely are. Floating above my dad and mom as they were married one month earlier than my birth proves that the tissue religions argue over as human lifestyles is not anything greater than that.

The reality that prior to one month before I became born the foetus had no ‘spirit’ and, therefore, was now not able to dwelling without a outstanding deal of clinical intervention have to open deaf ears. It is proven, however, that a toddler born early can live on lifestyles aid till full adulthood is reached but that doesn’t suggest that the spirit has entered the body or that it could continue to exist on its very own.

Over-populace and undesirable youngsters is an lousy blight on humanity. Starving children with emaciated our bodies are paraded in front of cameras to elevate cash for charities who claim to help them. But not anything is carried out to save you their delivery inside the first vicinity.

Religions that forbid contraceptives and might as an alternative see the pain of children suffering are criminally deranged. Leaders who inflict such horror are mentally sick and their gods are fake.

The horror round the world as populations explode and mass migrations take place is beyond my notion of commonplace experience. Amid the chaos are dictators who manage their populations through murderous onslaughts towards their objectors. They kill and deliver hardship, pain, and unimaginable struggling to survivors, as established in Syria and neighbouring nations in latest weeks.

Yet none have raised a voice towards the religions or the leaders who’re so mind-washed and idiotic of their ideals. In every us of a they practice their evil and people are pressured to abide by means of their code. They must wear ridiculous costumes, adhere to fasting and other directives from sun-worship, from which their customs arose, and keep in mind heaven and hell as the destiny of their ‘souls’ after demise.

There is no heaven or hell and the use of them as weapons to belt human beings with and force them into congregations to listen the preaching of extra deranged leaders is against the law. It is likewise the motive people are instructed to bear as many youngsters as possible due to the fact they’ll develop up inside the faith and be in addition brain-washed into the stupidity. Meanwhile many may have a horrid life and some will starve to demise or be killed in child-hood.